We're still in really early stages, which means bugs.

Help us out by telling us about them.

If you find a kink in your experience with Tallymark, please email us at feedback@tallymark.us, and we'll work as quickly as possible to get that fixed.


How do the calculations for Tallymark work?

When you enter an expense, Tallymark first subtracts it from your rent. Then, it divides the cost by however many people are in your group, then adds that amount to everyone's rent, including your own. This results in the total rent always remaining the same, while your purchase has now been compensated by the decrease in your rent and the increase in everyone else's rent.

Can I pay others with Tallymark?

Tallymark currently doesn't support payments, only recordings of payments through other means.

Can I split expenses based on usage?

As of now, Tallymark only splits expenses equally among all group members.

Can I still use Tallymark if I don't pay rent?

Yep, although it'll need an extra step. First, everyone who owes money (has a positive balance) will pay a single person or bank account. Then, that person or bank account will redistribute this total to those who are owed money (have a negative balance).